06 Oct Danish Design Day: Børge W. Morgensen

From 1942-1950, he was the manager of FDB´s design studio, which aimed to create good and functional furniture for a reasonable price. It was in this period Folkestolen, directly translated: “The People Chair”, was  produced.

Børge Mogensen managed to create many design classics through its associations with various brands, which includes Fredericia Furniture, Fritz Hansen and Søborg furniture factory. Through these associations he managed to fulfill his dreams of creating simple quality furniture with a timeless aesthetics.

Todays Danish Designer Day is Børge Westergaard Mogensen, born in Aalborg Judland

Børge Westergaard Mogensen (April 13 1914 in Aalborg – October 5 1972 in Gentofte) became a cabinetmaker in 1934. Børge Mogensen is especailly  famous for his “Tremmesofa”, which is a couch made out of wood, with a frame of “lathes”.

In 1942 he graduated from Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Børge Mogensen have also made, in danish “Den Spanske Stol” wich directly translated means “The Spanish Chair”. The chair is very similar to his other designs. The chairs frame is build like the “Tremmesofa”, with prices of “lathes” and leather strings to keep something together.

Børge Mogensens furnitures were made with passion and were the finest quality. His furnitures are made in his name today and are still the finest quality.

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