29 Sep Danish Designer Day: Arne Jacobsen, AJ-cutlery

Arne Emil Jacobsen, born 1902, was a Danish architect and designer. He was one of the few people who instituted the modernism to Denmark.

Arne Jacobsen designed a cutlery set in 1957, too modern, considered the century. The SAS Royal Hotel used it in their restaurant, but the costumers would not accept the cutlery. The knife was to light, compared to what they were use to, the spoon was to narrow and the teeth on fork to short.

Over ten years later, Stanley Kubrick used Arne Jacobsens cutlery set in his movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968), as inventar on the space ship. The director and writer Stanley Kubrick used the cutlery because of its future look.

Do you agree, does it look like something from the future, considered the year?

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