27 Sep Event: MINDCRAFT15

The annual MINDCRAFT  showcase with some of the most talented danish craftspeople and designers took place in Milan from 14th – 19th of April 2015.

You can see it live at the Designmuseum Danmark, in Copenhagen, where they have the pleasure of presenting the award winning exhibition MINDCRAFT15

They are writing the following on their website:

“The exhibition shows 14 chosen works by leading Danish designers and craftsmen.
The fundamental idea behind MINDCRAFT15 is to show the area between mind and craft in Danish design and craftsmanship. On the one hand the experimenting, new-thinking, and conceptual design, and on the other the more artistic and craftsmanlike skills.”

MINDCRAFT15 won the noble award Milan Design Award during the design week in Milan, and is curated by the Danish-Italian design duo GamFratesi.

We would recommend you to visit it, it is free and very inspiring.

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