04 Oct I know an instagrammer: D. N. Pedersen

D.N.P.’s exciting projects are driven by an interest in wood and design. His workshop is located in Odense, Fyn.

The man behind D. N. Pedersen is called Dennis.

Dennis is not limited by the materials, he uses acid fumes to darken the oak wood. It’s cheaper than buying the fumed oak (smoked oak), and it gives a control over the color tone in the wood.

Before acid fumes

See you in two days time #justsmokingsomeoak

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Two days later

A beautiful finish!

Top three: smoked oak – oil/wax
Middle three: oak – oil/wax
Bottom three: oak – soap treatment

I think there is a website coming soon, with an overview of his creations. And maybe there will be a possibility to buy some of his furnitures?

www.dnpedersen.com – Status: Comming Soon

I know an instagrammer, and now you do to.

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